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A selection of some of our recently completed jobs.

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Top-down view of a complicated roof in Ogdensburg

Not your average roof, but was completed, start to finish, in less than 4 days

Adding a 2nd story to a camp, day 2.

Day 4 of camp project

Interior shot of finished master bedroom in camp remodel

Finished camp project with new front porch, 3 bedrooms upstairs and new bathrooms.

Finishing up a dome roof

Not your average roof job, but just another day for Bertrand's Construction!

New front porch, siding and stone facade on house in Ogdensburg

New siding, back deck with synthetic decking and privacy wall in Ogdensburg

Completed metal roofs and end walls on Catholic School in Canton

Completed metal roofs and end walls on Catholic School in Canton

A new roof and a shiny new paint job on a river house in Waddington.

A new roof and a shiny new paint job on a river house in Waddington.

Finishing a shingle roof on the Community Bank roof in Ogdensburg

A finished metal roof with lots of angles

Finishing touches on a paint job

House was always 100% white, now some light gray and white for a new look

New shingles on a beautiful home on Wellesley Island.

New shingles on a beautiful home on Wellesley Island.

All new shingles on a very large fraternity in Potsdam

New metal roof on a historic house in Morristown

New metal roof on Catholic church in Star Lake

New metal roof on Catholic church in Star Lake

New synthetic decking around a pool.

An expanded deck, new synthetic decking and white synthetic rails = maintenance free and no more splinters!

Cement slab for 3 stall garage in Morristown.

A custom-built garage in Morristown with the trusses raised.

Custom trusses engineered and built locally.

Starting to take shape.

A completed shot of the front. LOTS of storage space!

Old decking removed, prepping for new, synthetic deck boards and rails.

Old decking removed, prepping for new, synthetic deck boards and rails.

All finished, new synthetic decking and rails.

This deck looked so much better with the new decking and rails.

Metal and cedar shakes removed, a new layer of plywood makes for a flat roof that is ready for new shingles.

All finished, only 9 hours to strip the roof, add plywood, and shingle it with Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles.

An old shed the homeowner wanted to restore. This was after we leveled and straightened the 8 inch lean it had!

All finished! Amazing what some TLC can do for a building!

All finished! Landmark Pro shingles in Burnt Sienna is always a favorite!

Top-down view from the lift of a metal roof and the rubber section at the very top.

A custom gambrel garage being built with trusses made in our shop.

Only 4 days start to finish on this 28' x 40' garage.

This metal roof on the garage was done all in one day.

Those straight lines look so good on this barn.

One last side shot of the new metal roof.

A roof in Massena ready to be stripped and replaced. Notice how the Equipter trailer is extended back over the top of landscaping with no damage done.

This Equipter allows us to catch all of the shingles before they hit the ground and ruin the flowers and plants.

A simple porch added onto a garage.

The bright white looks very nice against the mahogany colored ceiling.

A new commercial roof on Rite-Aid in Ogdensburg, completed in just 3 days.

Another shot of the Rite-Aid rubber roof.

Some rubber roof details around these roofing vents on the Rite-Aid store.

Old skylights were replaced with 4 new units made by Velux. Guaranteed not to leak!

A beautiful new roof with Driftwood colored Landmark shingles.

The skylights all finished up and looking great; all completed in less than one full day with the crew.

A very large, complicated roof in the Potsdam area.

Here is a shot of the back of the Potsdam roof showing all of the different lines.

The roof is complete, then the customers started to ask if we could install new siding to match the new roof!

Pouring a pad for a 1,000 square foot addition on the St. Lawrence

Cement is in and ready to be smoothed.

Framing up the walls.

Custom-made trusses

Lots of framing to span the large ceiling.

Custom French doors to separate the original part of the house.

New fireplace with beautiful stone-work and mantle.

Lots of glass to enhance the view of the river.

A stylish entrance.

This roof needed attention long before we arrived! The next picture is the finished product.

All rotten wood replaced and beautiful new shingles with matching metal valleys.

This house in Waddington (other than the roof) was in pristine condition when we started, and was even better when we left.

This home on the St. Lawrence received a whole new roof, paint and stain job, along with a custom-built screen porch. Bertrand's Construction built the Gazebo in the early 1990's and it's still gorgeous.

Seeing double?

A beautiful roof featuring Certainteed Landmark Pro shingles

This camp was in need of a paint job. This shows what it looked like after we stripped the failed paint and stain.

...and here it is after a fresh coat!

In the middle of the prep and repair phase here.

A 99% completed shot of this beautiful camp on Oak Point.

One more shot showing the 30+ new Pella windows and excellent stain job.

New roof on the Canton Methodist Church steeple. Looking very sharp!

New Owens-Corning shingles and added ventilation to the roof to keep the house cooler, prevent ice dams in winter and prolong shingle life.

Full tear-off, ventilation work, new flashing and new shingles in just 2 days!

Nothing like the look of a brand new roof!

Freshly painted standing-seam metal roof in Ogdensburg, it looks sharp now!

Another shot of the new paint job. Also pictured are 2 of the 3 Max-Vents which will help keep the attic cool during summer.

Two lifts going on the Hammond Presbyterian Church. Small lift is repairing failed mortar joints in the stone, the other is up putting a new flat, rubber roof on the steeple.

Finished screen porch overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Cable railings, reclaimed redwood ceilings, lots of nice lighting.

The "before" after we removed failed/cracking plaster walls in this room at the St Mary's rectory in Canton.

The "after" shot of the new sheetrock walls and re-installed wood trim on the walls in this room at the St Mary's rectory in Canton.

Beautiful home in Massena we put a new shingle roof on last year.

Brackets for solar panels installed on new roof.

A large solar panel array, recently installed in conjunction with Collins-Hammond.

Professionally installed standing-seam metal roof, showing skylight detail.

A large standing seam metal roof, recently completed in Ogdensburg.

16' x 20' screen porch overlooking the river completed 12/2014

Large rubber roof on Catholic school in Massena July 2014

Fresh paint job, 3 different colors. In Canton July 2014

New roof and 3 color paint job, just 4 days to complete. May 2014

Lots of detail paint work and wood repair with paint job

New 16' x 16' screen porch on the river

New hickory kitchen and oak floors.

Full house remodel, new hickory kitchen with oak floors. Completed February 2014

New shingle roof in Watertown. October 2014

Large shingle roof in Watertown.

Metal roof with rubber top in Lisbon September 2014

Metal roof in Lisbon

Standing seam metal roof near Lisbon. August 2014

New paint job at the Bishop's house in Ogdensburg July 2012

Diocese building after new paint job

New paint job on the Bishop's house in Ogdensburg

New roof on Plattsburgh Catholic church

New shingle roof in Canton. Picture taken with our drone. October 2014

New shingle roof in Canton. Picture taken with our drone.

Another shot of roof being completed in Canton. Taken with our drone.

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