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We have the right tools for the job

 Equipter RB-4000 Debris container

We take great pride in protecting our customer's homes and landscaping when we arrive.  To prove this, we have recently purchased a specialized dump trailer that makes shingle removal fast and, most importantly, safe for your home.  With its lightweight design and wide tires, it will not tear up your yard.  With the ability to fit into tight places, reach up to the 2nd story to catch debris and also extend over your home's flowers and other landscaping, this is one important piece of equipment.

Guaranteed to be the only one in the North Country.

66' JLG Man-lift

With the ability to lift workers and materials up to 66' high, jobs move much more quickly, efficiently, and safely.

55' Biljax Tow-Behind lift

When it comes to fitting into tighter areas, or gaining access to a difficult to reach part of a house, this little lift makes a big difference.

Ford F-550 Dump truck

Other crews drop shingles and debris right onto the ground, possibly onto a tarp.  Others drive heavy trucks right through your yard and do damage to your lawn and landscaping.  This small dump truck allows us to get around most yards to catch roofing debris, etc., without leaving a mess in your yard.

Other Dump Trucks

With two large dump trucks and a large equipment trailer, we can haul away debris and messes without your driveway being blocked by an ugly dumpster that could sit there long after the job is finished.  We clean up as soon as we are finished, and we take the mess away with us.

Other trucks & machinery

We have lots of equipment to handle most types of jobs.  Trailers, machinery, trucks, we have what is needed to do the work ourselves.

Equipment / Tool Van

Every job requires different tools, and usually lots of them.  We bring them all with us to every work-site.  This means less trips back and forth to get the right tools, and more time getting your job done so you can enjoy it.

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